Online Bookings

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Finally you can book your appointment yourself and this is linked directly into our booking system and your client records. Here are the tips to make it easy to book:

  1. Register first and your email address, post code, and mobile must match what we have. If it does not match please register as a NEW CUSTOMER and we can sync it for you on your visit. Passwords must be no more than 10 characters long.
  2. Book only 1 hour treatment slots. If you want a facial and massage then book a facial and then a massage separately. Sometimes when you want a 90 minute treatment there might not be availability so we will need to juggle appointments for you.
  3. We also listed only the most popular easy to book appointments so if you want a specific treatment not listed please email or call the spa.
  4. It will offer you the option to prepay for your treatment but you can just continue onwards and it will still allow you to book without paying for treatments less than £80.